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Mayan Ruins Tours in Caribbean Mexico

Cozumel Mayan ruins are a part of the rich historical heritage of this Mexican Island. While Cozumel is not as renowned for its Mayan archaeological sites as some mainland destinations like Tulum or Chichen Itza it still offers a few fascinating remnants of this ancient civilization that continue to influence the culture today.

One notable Mayan site on Cozumel is San Gervasio, which features several structures, plazas, and pathways that provide a glimpse into the daily life and spiritual practices of the Maya. Another way to experience the Mayan culture is El Cedral, just 11 miles outside the main town of San Miguel. Here you can experience a Mayan cultural center, traditional mayan food and admire art pieces and hieroglyphics. If you're a foodie or just short on time, people rave about our Mayan Cooking class just minutes away from the cruise terminal in Cozumel.

You can visit these incredible Mayan ruins on Cozumel by taking a Jeep Tour or Van Tour where you'll appreciate the beauty and history from a people group that were around centuries ago and still present on the island today.

Learn more about Mayan ruins and culture on Cozumel with our Ultimate Guide To Mayan Ruins on Cozumel.

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Ultimate Guide: Cozumel Mayan Ruins

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