The Top 12 Sloth Tours in Roatan

A visit to Roatan provides the perfect opportunity to get up close to sloths, everyone’s favorite tree-dweller. Native to Central and South America, sloths are known for their slow movements, characterful smiling faces, and for spending much of their time hanging upside down in the jungle. Check out this guide to sloths in Roatan.

It’s fascinating to see these animals in their natural habitat, and during your visit, you’ll learn all about sloths and how the sanctuary protects them from being hunted. But, even more exciting, you’ll also get to hold a sloth in Roatan, which is an exhilarating experience - and one your friends and family will be super jealous of when you get home!

Make a day of your sloth encounter, which also includes the opportunity to meet Capuchin monkeys, and a whole host of tropical birds, including scarlet macaws, and parrots. Or combine your sloth tour in Roatan with some of the other fantastic experiences available, including diving, boat tours, and zip-lining.

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